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Welcome to The Segment

The Segment is a Territory based series that promotes Northern Territory business, now on its third series it has garnered some great exposure for our hardworking business owners.
Each series showcases our business men and women that have substantial experience and success in contributing to our remote economic climate. Our guests are owners of companies, event producers, artists, entrepreneurs, professors, builders, lawyers, mechanics and are from across all local trades and industries. These business leaders will share their experiences and stories, their triumphs and challenges to a local, national and potential international audience.

The purpose of The Segment is to bring encouragement, entertainment, insight, truth and promote future possibilities within the NT business industries. The Segment is aimed at attracting a broader audience to promote the positive and unique stories of the business climate in the Northern Territory. Our guests will showcase their vision and purpose, innovation and creative idea’s that they apply to their own businesses. We aim to facilitate a platform locally that reaches out and looks towards innovation across local industry.

The Segment is filmed and produced by a local studio here in Darwin in a forum based setting within a Live TV production set. Each program will run for 15-30 minutes with each guest having the opportunity to promote and talk about their specific products and services, how they have grown their business in a remote environment and what challenges they have faced.

The Segment aims to educate, encourage, inspire and entertain audiences here in the NT and beyond. Topics will cater to all demographics and industry. The first program will be released at 7pm on May 22nd, 2020 on and on our facebook page