The Purpose

The purpose of the Segment is to showcase honest local conversations with NT Businesses from an array of different industries. We hope to encourage, entertain, deliver insight and a truthful take on the triumphs and challenges of businesses in the Territory. We endeavour to promote and showcase NT businesses whilst encouraging mentoring, leadership and innovative thinking, join us for local people talking about local business.

The program aims to inspire, educate, encourage, and entertain audiences here in the NT. The Segment will cater to both small and medium business demographics in the field of construction, fishing, education, entertainment, health, farming, indigenous, sports, retail, technology, tourism and more! 

Core Values:

  1. Educate: Show the local business community and broader audience the richness of talent, entrepreneurship, business savvy individuals and organisations that live, work and prosper in the Northern Territory.
  • Encourage: Human business tendency is to look at the negatives but through the Segment we want to showcase owners and operators, highlight how rich and robust the local business community is in the NT and share our stories to a broader audience.
  • Unify: We want to help NT businesses, sole traders, artists and organisations build connections in our business community. 
  • Create Opportunity: We want to help create and foster relationships, share positive non bias conversations and develop opportunities to share knowledge, potential partnerships and working relationships throughout our business community.