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  • Hi Chris, Looks like you have achieved something great here for the NT, my comments are around going forward into 2021 and beyond. I think NT businesses need to get ready for the real and imminent opportunities that are gaining momentum with the ADF and ABF orientated defence and border protection sectors respectively, as well as the interactions and opportunities that will most likely develop further at an increasing pace around the US / Australian Military Indo Pacific Force Posture including the Marine Rotational Force build-up. For example recently the Australian Federal Government and the US Government announced they will spend a ‘Thumpingly Large Amount’ of around AUD $270B on military infrastructure in Northern Australia, and Darwin was singled out as a specific target location for a significant part of that spend. The Australian Federal Government also recently stated that over the next 10 years they will invest around AUD $189B of that on Navy infrastructure and in particular in Australia’s North. That is 3 + times the Inpex spend in around the same time line, for Navy alone. This sector needs more focus to ensure NT business get our fair share, so the bulk of the opportunities don’t spill to the normal well connected southern defence contractors. I would like to see a bit of interaction with key stakeholders in this industry on the The Segment.

    • Great advise. Let’s chat Emil and try and do exactly this. The subject matter is almost too big for local business to digest but I think it’s a great point…we all need to prepare for when the opportunities do come our way. Great Feedback. Chris